Key Group was founded in 2005 with a view to consolidating and enhancing our service portfolio and ensuring client operations’ efficiency and convenience. Key Group is a network of high-caliber firms offering a kaleidoscope of interrelated advisory services, namely strategy management consulting, company and special purpose vehicle formation and management, relocation services, risk management, accounting and internal audit, tax advisory and compliance, inheritance planning and cyber risk services.

We have presence in Monaco, France, ItalyDubai, New Zealand, San Marino and United Kingdom.

An array of our target markets encompasses Europe, GCC, Middle East, Africa, CIS Countries and Asia.

We are committed to provide our clients and business partners with high quality and bespoke solutions underpinned by professional experience, in-depth knowledge and practical expertise.

Our distinguished team consists of proactive and highly-motivated financial auditors, legal experts, and compliance and risk professionals who possess over 25 years of experience. Our multilingual team speaks more than 10 languages.